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Digital printing

The digital printing is a method technically superior to other printing methods. This is due to the fact that the end result may be cheaper in certain cases. Digital printing has quite a few advantages, like efficiency, printing is smaller numbers, personalization, printing quality.
On the color printing market digital printing has taken the niche of the small number of prints, due to economical factors. Printing in a number of 1 to 300 for instance will be cheap.

What concerns efficiency, it is an important characteristic of digital printing. The price of 1,000 copies could be expensive but the time needed to finish it should take up to a couple of hours compared to traditional offset printing where a couple of days might be needed for the same job.

The digital printing of small-number copies is profitable due to the absence of prepress costs.

Digital printing is one of the most popular printing method these days. Through this method printing can be done directly from the computer withouth the preparing process.

With the help of digital printing several objects can be personified: business cards, flywheels, calendars, letterheads, carbonless papers, flyers, stickers and lost of other items.